Hi, I’m Dave. I write things.

This site serves multiple purposes. It showcases all of my books; providing blurbs and links to the bookseller’s site, in case any of you would like to read further. Every book has an extensive sample available on Amazon; the last I checked it’s the first fifth – that’s 20% – of the title. I write speculative fiction. No, I’m not pretentious, that’s just the quickest way to describe it.

Here’s the longer version. While I do consume ‘normal’ or ‘mundane’ fiction, I prefer my fanciful and fantastic with an aura of the abnormal about it. Any kind of story I might engage in, be it written or visual or other, will always interest me more if it’s wrapped in a science fiction or fantasy or apocalyptic or some other setting. I can step outside my door, hop on a bus or plane or train, and go see ‘normal’ stuff all the time. To me, fiction should be about taking me places I can’t see on my own. Space ships, medieval knights, wasteland survivors; these are the things I like. I tend to write about them.

Why do I say things like “Welcome to Dave’s World?” A couple of reasons. A long time ago, it sort of became something I picked up along the way. I just like the sound of it. Another is there’s a book I’m very fond of, even if perhaps a lot of others aren’t. Society of the Mind by Eric L. Harry. In it there’s a passage that talks about how everyone experiences the world through the unique lens and filter of what makes them them. That we’re all in our own little worlds due to how this works. I just really like that. It fits. It explains so much. Bob Ross used to say the same thing about painting; that it’s your world there on the canvas, and you can do whatever you want.

Which is what I’m doing when I write; creating my world in a way and manner that can be shared with you.

This site also serves as a place for me to post other things too; things that aren’t directly connected to my books. A chunk of those ‘other things’ are going to be about publishing and indie publishing in general. Another chunk will likely be ‘meta’ commentary about fiction and the behind-the-scenes of it. Let’s face it; these are exciting times for those of us who make things; the world’s open wider than its ever been. Times are changing, and as usual not everyone’s changing with them quickly enough to avoid getting tapped by the train. Some are even being run over; this is what happens when you don’t pay attention to what’s going on. There’s a lot to talk about and I’ll post on it sometimes.

And the rest will be the sort of random ramblings we’re all used to. Because, hey, I’m a fan too. I’ve geeked out as much as anyone over getting to meet people who do things the rest of us notice; and have even met some over the years. I might be raving about the latest Marvel film, or a new Def Leppard album, or even on occasion my fish. I have a tank full of Zebra Danios, most of them the genetically modified GloFish, and they’ll probably get mentioned as the mood strikes.

Welcome to Dave’s World.


And if none of the above was enough, here’s my professional bio.

A member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, David Rogers was born in Atlanta and has lived there for over twenty-five years. In that time, trekking up and down the hills and trapped in traffic on I-285, he’s been everything from a secretary to an office manager, a FedEx truck washer to a telemarketer, and a lot in between.

His favorite genre is Science Fiction, because any story is better with the what-if and what-about factor that takes the world of today and walks it forward into tomorrow. We can open our doors and step out into today whenever we want; only the realm of imagination lets us traverse tomorrow. When that imagination has some logical rules added into it, more often than not the result is great science fiction.

Apocalyptic fiction is his favorite guilty pleasure, especially zombie-caused end-of-the-world tales. David was introduced to his love of zombies by the film 28 Days Later. Everything was going fine, fun little suspense story, until Selena asked Mark if he’d been bitten or cut during the fight against the infected. When he said “uh . . .” and she instantly chopped him apart with a machete, and that was the absolute right thing to have done, David decided there was a lot of fun to be had in zombie stories.

Every Christmas Eve he watches Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, because they’re the best Christmas movies ever made. Family, friends, and beating the crap out of the bad guy with your bare hands . . . what more do you want in a Christmas Story? BB Guns? Please, you’ll shoot your eye out.

Still got questions? I’ve got answers. Nothing says they’ll be the ones you’re looking for, but until I become ridiculously famous I can answer emails. Send me one and let me know what’s on your mind.