When an apocalypse starts, there’s always running and screaming. Sooner or later, most of that starts to fade; if only because most of the runners and screamers are dead. Once the end of the world gets going in earnest, the sprint becomes a marathon. You can’t run all the time, can you?

Saving someone is easy. Helping them is what’s hard. Heroes happen all the time. After those moments when you become someone’s saviour, what comes next? One day turns to two, and then the days are a week. Time keeps ticking by, and if you’re going to keep from being ground beneath the clock’s relentless push, you’ve got to find the essentials for life. Food, water, shelter, safety. Everything else is negotiable.

Apocalypse Aftermath picks up where Apocalypse Atlanta leaves off; following three people, each going in three different directions, all trying to survive the end of the world. The same question faces Peter, Jessica, and Darryl; what’s next? What’s a safe path to follow, one that doesn’t place them and those they’re with at risk of becoming a meal for the zombies? What’s the right move, and how do they see it for what it is in time to act? Which way is the right way?

Because whether you’re an aging retired Marine, a widowed single mother, or a biker who bounces, the problem is the same.


What are people saying about Apocalypse Aftermath?

… picking right up where Apocalypse Atlanta left off …

… may be even better than the first book …

… believable read that focuses on things other than the 500 ways to kill or be killed by zombies …


When you not only finish something, but find people wanting more . . . that’s a scary thing.  Good, but scary.  Apocalypse Atlanta covered, more or less, the first weekend of the zombie apocalypse.  Apocalypse Aftermath covers, more or less, the next week.  The focus is still on figuring out how to deal with a world gone hungry, but just like the first book it doesn’t descend into a kill-fest of offing zombies and counting up the bodies in each chapter.  All three characters are still in this one, and they’re each continuing to deal with the apocalypse in their own way.  One’s trying to run, one’s trying to hide, and one’s trying to help.  The one thing they’ve all got in common is what’s complicating everything; and that’s zombies.

As always, follow the link to read a sample of the first twenty percent of the book.  Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can borrow it for free.