Home isn't where you live; it's where your heart does.

The worst thing about the end of the world is being alone.

Everyone needs someone. When zombies are at your door, help never goes amiss. Even if it’s only someone else they might choose to chew on instead of you.

Jessica Talbot has settled into South Florida for safety, and she’s carved out a piece of secure quiet amid a teeth-torn world. She and Austin have laid in stocks. They’ve started learning how to adapt to a life that’s not just more dangerous, but also requires a can-do self-starting mindset. And it’s working. The zombies are being held at bay, the pantry’s full, and they’re keeping her daughter Candice safe.

When the two of them agree to go looking for missing friends, Candice must face solitude that might not just be temporary. Friends are good, but family’s better. Home isn’t necessarily where you live; it’s where your heart does. And her mom just walked out headed straight into the zombies the three of them have been trying for months to stay away from.



The fifth book in the Apocalypse series, continuing Jessica’s story as she struggles to stay alive and keep Candice safe in a world where monsters aren’t just nightmares.  They come knocking sometimes.


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