When you write, you have ideas.  Sometimes, you have lots of ideas.  Not all of those ideas are big or complex enough to fill an entire book.  Some of them are, however, just right for a small little glimpse of something.

Us or Them is a novella that asks one simple question with a very not simple answer; who do you choose?  Do you go with who you know, or screw over those you don’t?  When life’s hanging in the balance, it’s not just a thought exercise.

The zombie shorts I’ve written are all set in the same universe as Apocalypse Atlanta.  Each of them takes a quick look at what one person or group is doing as the zombies show up or continue eating.  Not all of these looks end well.

Depending on how you roll, you can get these shorts in two collections of five stories each; or pick and choose among the ten.  If you’re buying all ten, the anthology collections are priced to save you some money over buying the shorts individually; plus, if it matters to you, they’ll all be contained in a single file so you have two entries instead of ten on your e-reader’s list.

Better to be Lucky – You’ve thought about it. What would the first few hours of a zombie apocalypse be like? For one company of military police, it was like almost any other job in the service. Boredom with flashes of sheer, howling terror.

Marching through the Apocalypse – Many things might be happening when a zombie apocalypse begins. For some of the most genre aware people in Atlanta, their survival wasn’t so much who or where they were, but rather what they were wearing when people started getting hungry.

There goes the WeekendA bail bondsman’s, er . . . woman’s, day can be boring or interesting. Boring can be profitable, and interesting can be fun. But there is such a thing as too much fun. When Darla goes looking for a wife beater right when the zombie apocalypse kicks off, there goes the weekend.

Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em – Life is about rules. Lots of rules. But when zombies start eating people, the rules change.

A little me time – Every year, Lloyd spends a week hiking in the North Georgia mountains. This year, while he’s getting away from it all, everything goes straight to hell.

Bite Sized Apocalypse – the five shorts above are collected into this title.


You are what you eatWhen a zombie apocalypse starts, everyone has problems. Well, everyone who’s not a zombie I guess. For one student in a small South Georgia town, her problem was zombies don’t respect dietary restrictions.

Gut Check at the Choke-and-Puke – Lauren is a truck stop girl, just one more service provider riding the interstates and making a living. A layover south of Atlanta turns into more than just a fuel, food, and rest stop when zombies turn up. One thing leads to another, and soon it’s everyone for themselves. Lauren has to hold on to both her stomach if she’s going to hold onto her life.

Working with Zed – One of the biggest problems someone faces in the middle of a zombie apocalypse is who to trust. One nine-year-old boy doesn’t have that problem.  He knows who to trust.

His dog.

Time to Shine – Some people are more ready for the apocalypse than others. The kind of people who others snicker and snort at in normal times, they come into their own when zombies start snacking. Joe is one of those people who get treated like they’re a bit too enthusiastic about his hunting and shooting and ready-for-anything hobbies. For him, zombies are just an excuse to step up and get things done.

Trouble in Paradise – Lounging around aboard a fancy yacht off the coast of Miami Beach might seem like one of the better places to be when the zombie apocalypse kicks off; but what happens when the zombies are aboard ship?

Apocalyptic Appetizer – the next five shorts are also collected into this title.