Apple’s determined to keep appealing up the court chain to find a judge old enough to hate the future

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Once upon a time, only a few years ago, the Big 5 got together with Apple and conspired (legal term, not just using it because it sound scary; they were found to have conspired by the courts) to price fix books and ebooks.  Word got out, around, and the Department of Justice stepped in because, well, justice.  The publishers settled and promised to not do that anymore, but Apple insisted they were innocent.  The judge disagreed.  Apple was convicted of price fixing.

Since then, Apple’s been working its way up the appeal chain.  They seem to be looking for a judge old enough to hate technology, the future, and anything that isn’t a musty old paper book.  I guess they feel that when they find such a judge, they’ll be declared innocent and freedom will ring.  Or some such.  The other possibility is they’re just looking for a judge that hates Amazon as much as they (and the trads) do.  That could work as well, I guess.  But both strategies are expensive long shots.  Fortunately, Apple has overpriced hardware sales money, and closed ecosystem app market money, to fund their flight of fancy.

There are nine cloistered, out of touch judges on the Supreme Court.  Maybe, if they can get on the docket, they’ll find five of them sympathetic.  I’m not a legal scholar, but I’m not sure what argument they’re going to use that’ll work to get an appeal docketed there.  According to the article, their main argument seems to be “Amazon is mean.”  Where have we heard that before?

Newsflash, being mean isn’t a crime, or a convictable civil matter.  Further, business is war.  The point of successful business is to ignore the lamentations of your competitors.  What is Amazon supposed to do, stop running the race and wait for years (decades?) for the rest of the world to catch up?  That’s asinine.  They’re running a great race, and demanding they stop just because it’s too hard to keep up is bullshit.  There’s a reason Amazon’s doing well, and it’s not illegality.

So, anyway, Apple is blowing through iMoney like it’s going out of style appealing this verdict.  Isn’t it nice to know where your cash is going when you take a bite from the apple?