Arsenal win 2-1 over Crystal Palace

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While Toretto’s right . . .

. . . it wasn’t the cleanest of victories.  And the defensive issues aren’t gone; as the score by CP indicates.  It could be argued only some leniency by the ref kept the game from going to a man advantage in CP’s favor.

Some commentators mentioned recently that a pattern for Arsenal over the past five or six years has been to start the season doing whatever it is Wenger sees as his ideal play style.  Arsenal will then get into trouble in the standings, and play will revert to a more grounded approach.  I’m just a fan, and I’m not in a position to analyze the hell out of football at any serious level, but what’s wrong with just playing that winning’s winning way all the time?  Like, there’s been a bunch of seasons half-and-half that were only just saved by the end of the campaign.  Why not try one where the Gunners go for the throat from the get go?

I mean, why not try it?  There have been seasons recently where I began actively routing for failure, just to see if that would shock the system at the Emirates and get some real change going.  Seasons where it was looking like they’d miss Champion’s League.  Philip Anselmo’s words above, IMO, are worth a shot.  Why not make the whole season the money riff?  Why not play now like the past few seasons after January have been?

Because I want what all fans want.  Winning.