Go travel

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My Apocalypse series has been successful, and in May 2015 I used some of the proceeds from it to do something I’ve always wanted to do; I took a long trip.  I stayed in the United States, but I went … Continued

Today’s the day

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When I was little, everything took a forever of forevers to happen.  “We’ll go to the movies on your birthday, okay?”  Yeah, but that’s like three lifetimes from now.  “We’ll go to the arcade next weekend.”  Yeah, but how will … Continued

Toy Story’s 20th

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Twenty years ago today, Toy Story changed the movie business.  Honestly I think it’s fair to say it changed the world, but I know a lot of people will take that as hyperbole. When Toy Story came out, cartoons were … Continued

Force Awakens – full trailer

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Want.  Want so bad.  OMG want.  The want is strong with this one. Here’s a head’s up for all you non-tech types.  Odds are, if your computers and electronics break on the 17th-19th of December, you’ll probably have a hard … Continued