Here’s why actors matter

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There’s a possibility of a SAG strike against the video game industry.  At issue is a SAG contract that will govern the terms of contacts between individual members and video game developers.  I’ve seen some comments on the web over … Continued

The (female) Bob Ross of gaming

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I want to be clear, this is awesome.  I’m not ripping on her at all.  Gaming is a great hobby.  Whenever someone comes over to gaming, it’s a fantastic thing. ‘Grandma Shirley’ is 79-years-old.  Because it’s never too late to … Continued

Zombie roundup

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First up is this: It looks like they’ve put an emphasis on gore, with a secondary on comedy.  Overtones of Zombieland, but without any known actors, I guess.  The trailer doesn’t look horrible, but when anytime I see that much … Continued