Dr Strange teaser drops

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A man of science who becomes a sorcerer.  Marvel, again, boldly walking where DC can’t even stumble. My latest novel, Grift Girl Gone, launched on 11-April.  Fans of con artists and caper crimes might find it interesting.  Have a look. … Continued

Why do heroes fight a civil war?

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Marvel just dropped an absolutely fantastic trailer for Captain America: Civil War.  It’s ostensibly for the UK market, but it’s also on Youtube which means there’s little chance it isn’t going to be broadly seen by fans and would-be theater-goers … Continued

Final trailer for Daredevil Season Two

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Manage your calm true believers, we’re getting close to the second season of Daredevil.  Take a look at the full trailer, the first of the final bit of substance they’re giving us to tide our anticipation until 18 March.  Apparently … Continued