Streaming starts maturing

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Netflix is no longer an odd upstart, the quirky answer to an industry trivia question.  The service, along with Amazon which is throwing its infrastructure into its own streaming operation, is now A Big Deal. Good. Better, we’re seeing the … Continued

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

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A ‘theme’ that’s been a plague in forums recently has been people whining and moaning about how they want the superhero thing, or the zombie thing, to be over with.  That they’re “tired” of it.  That they think it’s “played … Continued

Why do we love the superhero genre?

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Here’s why:   For the last two to three years, when one goes online, you see folks sometimes bitching about “so tired of superheroes”.  Missing the point.  We love superheroes because they make for great storytelling.  If you think superheroes … Continued

The Walking Dead returns

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And we’re off, back with Rick and crew.  Last season, they suffered through looking for (and then losing) Beth, famine and dehydration, cannibals, and of course lots of zombies.  We were teased throughout with Morgan’s reappearance, and he finally showed … Continued