Danny Elfman doing Nightmare before Christmas, live at the Hollywood Bowl

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Want.  So want.  Oh my God want.

I visited California back in May.  Had a ton of fun.  Got to see San Francisco (Jesus is that city cold), Los Angeles (okay, I now get why people love living there, and why all the characters in TV / Movies set in LA carry jackets and sweaters with them for when the sun goes down), and Disneyland (seriously, it really is the happiest place on Earth.  Seriously.)

But, man, I’m thinking I mistimed my trip.  Getting to see Danny Elfman do the entire Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack live . . . that would be amazing.  And they’re not just putting Elfman up there, they’re decorating the Bowl, and encouraging audience costumes . . .

Right now I’m pretty damned annoyed to be three thousand miles from California.  Because I’ll bet that’s going to be an amazing night.  Someone, please, record it.

Meanwhile, I’m going to rewatch the movie.  And dream.