What is Good

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What is Good? Two years ago, on Reddit, a user named wanderingbishop wrote a fantasy short story that addresses this very thing from the perspective of Garg the ogre.  One day, Garg finds an intelligent greatsword who shows him what … Continued

Tell me why.

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Someone asked the other day what the worst feedback I’ve ever received was.  I had two answers. 1) “I liked it.” 2) “I didn’t like it.” Why are both bad? Because they lack why. Same reason I don’t like to … Continued

Pixar and Storytelling

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This was posted recently.  A lesson series on storytelling by Pixar, at the Kahn Academy. Pixar is the gold standard of storytelling.  Anything they can share about their approach to storytelling has immense value to storytellers. I found the intro … Continued

Dr Strange teaser drops

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A man of science who becomes a sorcerer.  Marvel, again, boldly walking where DC can’t even stumble. My latest novel, Grift Girl Gone, launched on 11-April.  Fans of con artists and caper crimes might find it interesting.  Have a look. … Continued

Go travel

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My Apocalypse series has been successful, and in May 2015 I used some of the proceeds from it to do something I’ve always wanted to do; I took a long trip.  I stayed in the United States, but I went … Continued

The reason people hate lawyers

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Exhibit this, page 280 on the pdf.  Now, I know as well as you that looking through legal transcripts is generally boring as hell.  Thankfully, in this case, a budding film director has turned the court transcripts into a short … Continued

Why do heroes fight a civil war?

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Marvel just dropped an absolutely fantastic trailer for Captain America: Civil War.  It’s ostensibly for the UK market, but it’s also on Youtube which means there’s little chance it isn’t going to be broadly seen by fans and would-be theater-goers … Continued

Awards ruin good roles

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Cinematic award season is about to more or less wrap up with the Oscars, so this is about as an appropriate time as any to throw this out there. Awards screw up a lot of otherwise good things.  I have … Continued

Final trailer for Daredevil Season Two

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Manage your calm true believers, we’re getting close to the second season of Daredevil.  Take a look at the full trailer, the first of the final bit of substance they’re giving us to tide our anticipation until 18 March.  Apparently … Continued

Zombies at Disneyland

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I would love to see a full fledged zombie story at Disneyland.  I would settle for Disney World, but the original is the favorite here for me.  However, Disney protects their brands zealously.  I put the odds of seeing any … Continued

Betty White reviews Deadpool

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As usual, Mrs. White has a way with words.  We love her.     When I’m not surfing Reddit, I’m a full-time writer.  Maybe you’ll like one of my books?

Streaming starts maturing

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Netflix is no longer an odd upstart, the quirky answer to an industry trivia question.  The service, along with Amazon which is throwing its infrastructure into its own streaming operation, is now A Big Deal. Good. Better, we’re seeing the … Continued

A couple of logic puzzles

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Logic is fun because logic explains things.  Spock has always been one of my heroes because he devotes himself to Logic as the source of his being.  Kirk might get lucky — in fact, the basis of Kirk’s character is … Continued

RIP the great Alan Rickman

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This is not turning out to be a good time lately.  Scott Weiland, Lemmy, David Bowie, now Alan Rickman. Hans Gruber, Sheriff of Nottingham, Dr. Lazarus, Metratron, Severus Snape … just to name a bare few.  As Kevin Smith said … Continued

SpaceX on landing a rocket under power

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In case you missed it a few weeks ago, SpaceX performed something never before done.  They launched a rocket, with a customer’s payload, and brought the first stage — which is the majority of the whole enterprise that actually gets … Continued

Power of the Dark Side … in snow

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The Japanese Army apparently took it upon themselves to, briefly, immortalize the Empire in snow.  The pictures are amazing.  This is not a simple little snow sculpture that someone knocked out in a few hours. What background details I could … Continued

Star Wars Orchestral Symphony

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Here’s a little something that’s, well, awesome. John Williams is very probably the single most well known composer of the age.  It’s hard to argue his music hasn’t been heard more often and by more people than any other in … Continued

Today’s the day

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When I was little, everything took a forever of forevers to happen.  “We’ll go to the movies on your birthday, okay?”  Yeah, but that’s like three lifetimes from now.  “We’ll go to the arcade next weekend.”  Yeah, but how will … Continued

Star Wars Guitar Orchestra

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Why are Star Wars fans the best?  Things like this: He covered all the parts of this orchestra piece of music on electric guitar, and mixed them back together to produce this.  I mean, come on; even if you insist … Continued

Trailer spoilers in Batman v Superman

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So last night, after a mini-marketing campaign throughout the week to build up to it, Warner dropped the full trailer for Batman v Superman.  Be warned, if you would rather just go enjoy the film, the trailer and this article’s … Continued

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

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A ‘theme’ that’s been a plague in forums recently has been people whining and moaning about how they want the superhero thing, or the zombie thing, to be over with.  That they’re “tired” of it.  That they think it’s “played … Continued

Toy Story’s 20th

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Twenty years ago today, Toy Story changed the movie business.  Honestly I think it’s fair to say it changed the world, but I know a lot of people will take that as hyperbole. When Toy Story came out, cartoons were … Continued

Inside Out’s subtle cues

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Pixar’s Inside Out is a story that deals with emotion, literally.  Over the years, I’ve heard lawyers talk about how some law school professors use My Cousin Vinny in their classes to help illustrate certain things about court and handling … Continued

A generation scarred, another cheers

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This probably explains why some people of a certain age are so traumatized.  If you were the right age to love Barney, it would’ve been one of Those Moments I imagine.  Me, I just think it’s funny as hell.  Time … Continued

Why do we love the superhero genre?

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Here’s why:   For the last two to three years, when one goes online, you see folks sometimes bitching about “so tired of superheroes”.  Missing the point.  We love superheroes because they make for great storytelling.  If you think superheroes … Continued

Henry Rollins in He Never Died

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This looks like it could be pretty interesting Henry is always great.  And this film looks like it’s really harnessed a lot of Henry-ness.  And appears to work really well.  Writing a story about Cain isn’t exactly an unheard of … Continued

Warning, not original

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Trust the Onion to have something good to say. The next step in funny will be if we can start catching producers and PR flacks admitting in interviews things like “now even though this is an original story” or “we … Continued

Force Awakens – full trailer

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Want.  Want so bad.  OMG want.  The want is strong with this one. Here’s a head’s up for all you non-tech types.  Odds are, if your computers and electronics break on the 17th-19th of December, you’ll probably have a hard … Continued

Warner/Chappell won’t let it go

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Everything about this is why people hate lawyers. Happy Birthday was ruled out of copyright.  The company is throwing the book at the judge, page by page in a huge blizzard, hoping something will stick.  Or, at least, that they’ll … Continued

The Walking Dead returns

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And we’re off, back with Rick and crew.  Last season, they suffered through looking for (and then losing) Beth, famine and dehydration, cannibals, and of course lots of zombies.  We were teased throughout with Morgan’s reappearance, and he finally showed … Continued

Punisher in Daredevil season two

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Check this promo pic out: Hopes skyrocket for Daredevil Season 2: Enter “The Punisher” Looks really good.  Fans seemed excited when Jon Bernthal was announced to be playing The Punisher in Daredevil’s second season.  As the promo and leaks have … Continued

Twitter during certain shows

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I’m pretty new to the whole social media thing.  I definitely qualify as a curmudgeon in this area; I’ve never felt or seen the need to share every little piece of what’s going on with me online.  So I’ve been … Continued

2 minute movies

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LEGO movies can be a lot of fun.  They’re an easy way for people to play with stop motion animation, plus all the usual things that go into movie making (like sets and framing and story and characters and all … Continued

The Martian

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The Martian is out.  You should go see it.  If you like science, if you like tales of people figuring out how to survive when the odds keep stacking against them, and if you like space or NASA or colonization … Continued

Epic level ice cream vendor trolling

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First, kudos to her for being a good sport.  Because his whole routine, which goes on for quite a while, is pretty intricate.  This isn’t some lazy “no, not yours” trolling.  He’s thought about it, practiced it, figured out the … Continued

7 Ways to chop an onion

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I’m going to leave this here, but say the following. This video isn’t what you think it is.  I’d encourage you to stick with it for at least a minute, because it is not what you’ll think it is.  And … Continued

You can’t fool audiences

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So AV Club conducted an interview with the creators of Rick and Morty.  Something Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon said really resonated with me. DH: … but before we wrote the first episode of Rick And Morty, we had a … Continued

Jessica Jones teaser

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Just a little taste of the character while we wait for the series to drop in late November. Looking good to me.

TV is starting to stop ignoring the future

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Specifically, the networks are starting to pull their heads out of the sand.  Here’s the link. The TLDR here is, now that they’re actually tracking real numbers and not artificially limiting them to only the ones that tell the story … Continued

Terrifying Saturn

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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found believable things a lot more scary than obviously fake ones.  I suppose that’s why I like zombies but not slasher flicks, general apocalypse fiction over zany stuff less routed in reality. Pedantic … Continued

Here’s why actors matter

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There’s a possibility of a SAG strike against the video game industry.  At issue is a SAG contract that will govern the terms of contacts between individual members and video game developers.  I’ve seen some comments on the web over … Continued

Avengers Age of Ultron grab bag

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Avengers Age of Ultron is out in the home media market now.  In celebration of Joss Whedon’s fantastic closing bookending to the first two phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, enjoy these videos. AoU deleted scenes   Somewhat deadpan in … Continued

Worst mom ever

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This is pretty mean, but also pretty funny.  I’m sure she’ll recover.  Now if she’ll only learn vertical video is bad.

The (female) Bob Ross of gaming

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I want to be clear, this is awesome.  I’m not ripping on her at all.  Gaming is a great hobby.  Whenever someone comes over to gaming, it’s a fantastic thing. ‘Grandma Shirley’ is 79-years-old.  Because it’s never too late to … Continued

Fear the Walking Dead is blowing their chance

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Here’s the TLDR first: Fear the Walking Dead is completely throwing away the concept of their premise for a poorly written character drama that doesn’t develop characters or drama.  A pseudo-survival soap opera, without even the sex or he said/she … Continued

Michael Mann talking Heat

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Link This is a fascinating look into the behind-the-scenes of a classic film, a landmark movie in the crime genre.  Heat was advertised as the first time Pacino and DeNiro shared a scene, how these two anchor actors would portray … Continued

Pirate freebies, arrrrr

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I trust you scurvy dogs arrrrr enjoying your day, the one day when everyone sounds right and proper.  To help reward you for getting into the mood, parrrrrrtake of these freebies! Free doughnuts! Free fish! What’s not to like about … Continued

Def Leppard’s new single

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Link. Because, these days with radio being irrelevant, everything releases to the web.  And websites insist on making exclusive deals so only they have it.  This one’s with RollingStone.com.  Okay, fine, at least I get to hear a new track.  … Continued

Policing your kids isn’t the world’s job

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Link. A woman’s 12-year-old daughter found erotica books listed on Amazon’s site, and the mom is trying to go nuclear against the etailer.  The only saving grace about this story is she’s not American, but British.  I say that only … Continued

Fear the Walking Dead, “The Dog”

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So, things are getting interesting.  Oddly enough, for an ‘action’ episode there was more character development in this one than in the prior two ‘development’ episodes.  Writing is hard sometimes. The gang’s all together now, and they’ve new friends; Nick’s … Continued

Jessica Jones announcement

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So Marvel has released this: And it makes an already end-of-the-year even better for us fans.  20 November and 13 episodes of Jessica Jones goodness will be ours.  Yes, yes, brace yourselves true believers! That’s in addition to the early … Continued

FtWD’s 2010 outbreak

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So, based on Walking Dead’s prior track records with paying attention to how they dress their sets, what they do with the backgrounds of the shots, we have this from FtWD’s second episode. So for those who really, really care, … Continued

Fear the Walking Dead, S1E2

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So, the descent is accelerating.  Things are beginning to fall apart; not in earnest, yet, but they’re headed in that direction.   Initially, I was disappointed.  Based on what Madison and Nick were saying in the first few minutes, it … Continued

RIP Wes Craven

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So this sucks.  Not unexpected, perhaps, but not great either.  Brain cancer is just one of those things that, whatever the actual specifics are, is probably about as bad as you’d imagine. I’ve never been a huge splatter-horror fan.  A … Continued

Fear the Walking Dead, Ep 1

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So the show picks up after zombies have started appearing; the opening scene isn’t a flash-forward.  Dialog with the ‘paranoid’ kid at Madison’s school says there are ‘reports’ from five states about strange things happening.  We get a ‘traffic stop’ … Continued

Zombie roundup

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First up is this: It looks like they’ve put an emphasis on gore, with a secondary on comedy.  Overtones of Zombieland, but without any known actors, I guess.  The trailer doesn’t look horrible, but when anytime I see that much … Continued

The Martian

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The full trailer for The Martian is out.  Have a look. Now, I know trailers aren’t movies; it’s an entirely different industry, group of people, and skillset that crafts trailers versus makes movies.  But the teaser and now trailer both … Continued

Arsenal win 2-1 over Crystal Palace

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While Toretto’s right . . . . . . it wasn’t the cleanest of victories.  And the defensive issues aren’t gone; as the score by CP indicates.  It could be argued only some leniency by the ref kept the game … Continued

Star Wars Land!

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Coming to Disneyland and Disney World. Now, obviously, this is just the announcement.  They haven’t even started getting ready for ground-breaking, much less actual construction.  Realistically, we’re going to be looking at four or five years before they get done … Continued

Reinventing . . . boredom

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Reboots, remakes, and otherwise mining the properties of yore.  I’m not going to rant about how perhaps there’s too many, and not enough original work . . . even though the butchering hack job it appears they’ve done on Point … Continued