What is Good

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What is Good? Two years ago, on Reddit, a user named wanderingbishop wrote a fantasy short story that addresses this very thing from the perspective of Garg the ogre.  One day, Garg finds an intelligent greatsword who shows him what … Continued

The problem with Literary Writing

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Someone on Reddit asked if Literature (specifically, literary writing as a format) was dying.   Art forms always evolve. Always. Because everything always evolves. It takes far too long, longer than it should thanks to plain old fashioned resistance to … Continued

Pixar and Storytelling

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This was posted recently.  A lesson series on storytelling by Pixar, at the Kahn Academy. Pixar is the gold standard of storytelling.  Anything they can share about their approach to storytelling has immense value to storytellers. I found the intro … Continued

Go travel

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My Apocalypse series has been successful, and in May 2015 I used some of the proceeds from it to do something I’ve always wanted to do; I took a long trip.  I stayed in the United States, but I went … Continued

How do you theme your story

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I frequent the web a good bit, and sometimes I can’t help but engage in conversations.  Some of my surfing takes me to writing sites and electronic water holes where would-be authors show up.  Every now and again they ask … Continued

Easily add depth to characters

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I frequent the web a good bit, and sometimes I can’t help but engage in conversations.  Some of my surfing takes me to writing sites and electronic water holes where would-be authors show up.  Every now and again they ask … Continued

Toy Story’s 20th

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Twenty years ago today, Toy Story changed the movie business.  Honestly I think it’s fair to say it changed the world, but I know a lot of people will take that as hyperbole. When Toy Story came out, cartoons were … Continued

Inside Out’s subtle cues

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Pixar’s Inside Out is a story that deals with emotion, literally.  Over the years, I’ve heard lawyers talk about how some law school professors use My Cousin Vinny in their classes to help illustrate certain things about court and handling … Continued

Why do we love the superhero genre?

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Here’s why:   For the last two to three years, when one goes online, you see folks sometimes bitching about “so tired of superheroes”.  Missing the point.  We love superheroes because they make for great storytelling.  If you think superheroes … Continued

Warner/Chappell won’t let it go

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Everything about this is why people hate lawyers. Happy Birthday was ruled out of copyright.  The company is throwing the book at the judge, page by page in a huge blizzard, hoping something will stick.  Or, at least, that they’ll … Continued

Why Rambo is a good character

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Or, I guess I should say was. One of the sticky categories a would-be writer can find himself fitting into is someone who’s doing his research, spending time gathering advice and examples to learn. This gets sticky because, if the … Continued

Data is better than hunches

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I love FiveThirtyEight.com, because it always works with raw data.  So much ‘journalism’ these days goes with anecdotal and “they say” stories, and never bothers to actually look at what’s really happening.  Data gives a clarity to issues that strips … Continued

Artists are insecure

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Last year, the Hollywood Reporter sat five movie composers down for a chat.  I was interested in it because three of the five were Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman.  Nothing against the other two, but they haven’t really … Continued

Writing as a business

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These days in publishing, there are (unfortunately) a lot of divides.  Most of them, possibly nearly all, revolve around the opportunities that indie publishing has made available.  One of the ones I find most curious doesn’t really have a whole … Continued

You can’t fool audiences

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So AV Club conducted an interview with the creators of Rick and Morty.  Something Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon said really resonated with me. DH: … but before we wrote the first episode of Rick And Morty, we had a … Continued

Here’s why actors matter

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There’s a possibility of a SAG strike against the video game industry.  At issue is a SAG contract that will govern the terms of contacts between individual members and video game developers.  I’ve seen some comments on the web over … Continued


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Kleptocenophobia – fear of new ideas being stolen.  I’m told kleptophobia would be fear of (things) being stolen, and cenophobia is fear of new ideas.  So a mangled mashup of Latin could be Kleptocenophobia, bringing the two together to be … Continued

The power of ‘What If’

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Storytelling is the art of answering ‘what if’ in creative and imaginative, entertaining, and/or unexpected ways. The point of storytelling is to engage your audience. That’s just a fancy word that means, in this context, basically the same thing as … Continued

Kindle Unlimited 2.0

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July’s numbers are in.  Some prominent indies are discussing them.  Such as Hugh Howey and Joe Konrath. Numbers are good, actual data.  There’s been a lot of speculation over the past six weeks since the switchover was announced.  A lot … Continued