Disappointed in TWD’s finale? Have a look at a zombie apocalypse with teeth

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Starting today, and running through next Sunday (that’s 10-17 April), the first book in my Apocalypse series, Apocalypse Atlanta, is on sale for less than a buck.

If you’ve been waiting and wondering, if you’re not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, now’s your chance to start the story that sees a normal Friday morning in Atlanta become apocalyptic chaos by Sunday.  Over the course of roughly forty-eight hours, normal turns into anything but as people struggle to come to grips with the fact that zombies are … everywhere.  First a few, then more, then a lot more, and then it really becomes easier to just stop counting zombies and start trying to keep tabs on who’s left breathing.  If your favorite part of apocalypse stories is the beginning, as the disaster starts and begins shredding society, give Apocalypse Atlanta a try; it doesn’t skip past any of it in a rush to get to the “and now there’s zombies” part.  In Apocalypse Atlanta, the descent into anarchy is the story.

Grift Girl Gone also launches tomorrow, 11 April.  Like con artists, scammers, grifters, and smooth criminals?  Have a look at the tale of the daughter of a life-long member of the light fingered and silver tongued shadows.