DragonCon 2015, the ‘big’ night

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Saturday is traditionally the biggest day the con for the past decade or so.  The parade draws a lot of folks downtown, and some of them stay (or are talked / begged into staying by their kids / friends / significant others).  Plus, it’s Saturday (not Friday), and nothing is happening the next day for a lot of people (no work).

However, for most core con folks, Sunday is the big day.  Specifically, Sunday night.  Dedicated cosplayers often save what they consider their grandest efforts for Sunday after dark.  It’s the last night of the con, and the party goes well past the eleven it’s already at.  Drinking, people watching, mingling, concerts, raves . . . it’s a perfect storm of nerd awesomeness.

Here’s just a small taste of some of what was going on Sunday at the con.

Again, this is just a tiny fraction of what was happening at the con that night.  Fandom is amazing for its eternal diversity.  And I don’t mean what is usually meant these days when the word ‘diversity’ is used; I’m not referring to race or gender or nationality or anything like that, even though fans do come from all walks of life.  The diversity I’m talking about here is the breadth and wealth of the loves and interests represented here.  I said it here, before the con, that no matter what you love, others love it too.  And these pics show that.

I consider myself able to at least challenge for possible super-geek status, and even I can’t name everything in just these pictures, let alone the entire con.  There were cosplays taken straight from the source material, whatever it may have been (book, movie, show, comic, etc…); other cosplays that were sourced but then modified in some way; and still more that were just flat out original.  I’ll bet if you ask ‘normal’ people if they’d see Maverick from Top Gun at a fan con, they’d say no.  But he was there last night; actually, there were two, and a Goose was walking around as well, but with seventy thousand people it’s tough to always get pictures.  Even crappy pics like mine.

It keeps being said, because it keeps being true.

Fans. Are. Awesome.