Dave @ DragonCon ’15

So DragonCon is a thing happening this weekend, in Atlanta.  A pretty big thing, actually; last year was over 65,000 fans, and this year will probably be at least a few thousand more.  One of these years we’ll probably have a DragonCon that actually falls in attendance from the prior year, but it hasn’t happened yet.  The convention’s newsletter will be updating throughout the weekend, multiple times per day for the electronic version, and very probably multiple times per hour on Twitter.  You can follow along if you’re interested.  Additionally, if my site cooperates, I’ll be posting things from the con as they happen and I find them amusing.  That could be literally anything, because with the largest fan con in North America, there’s a lot of things to fit into any.

I will be at the SFWA table throughout the weekend, when I’m not geeking out myself as a fan, or helping behind the scenes with TechOps.  Feel free to chat me up, I love talking to fans, about zombies, about post-apocalypse, about a lot of things.  I’m told the SFWA table will be near the writer’s track, so unless DC’s fan table department shifts things around, or the tracks have changed from where they’ve been in recent years, that means it’ll be in the Hyatt International Towers.  If you’re in the Hyatt and lost while looking for International Towers, it’s in the other part of the hotel from the Centennial Ballrooms.  As you enter the Hyatt lobby from Peachtree Street, turn to your right and look for the big sign over the corridor between the hotel’s front desk and concierge station.

Also, in honor of the convention I love, I’m running a sale this weekend on Apocalypse Atlanta.  Starting Friday, 4 Sep, and running through the following Thursday, 10 Sep, the first book in my zombie series is available for only a buck.  $0.99 to be specific.  And, of course, it’s still free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  If you’re on the fence this is a good opportunity to try it out.  Zombies, running, the fall of civilization, what do we do, what do we do?  Come on, give it a try.  You can’t even get a burger for a buck without really trying these days, and coffee starts at four.  An entire book full of the apocalypse for a dollar is a definite deal.