Streets or suites, it’s all the same.  Everyone has problems.  They’re all too busy with theirs to care about yours.


Aramenta Nimi is one more forgotten face, lost in a sea of thirty-five million souls struggling to sink or swim in the Rotten Apple.  Digital is sexy, and cybernetics can rebuild you better than before, but mostly everyone’s just looking to get by and get ahead.  Whatever it takes, whoever has to die, that’s how it is.  As much as it all costs, life is still cheap.


When she’s given a delivery job by the wrong megacorp, her whole life gets turned upside down and shot apart in a nanosecond.  There’s a bounty on her head that’ll boost any squatter gutter punk into a 5th Avenue penthouse.  She was just one a dirty face in the endless crowds, now she’s a paycheck with a name.  A name that’s being blasted across the net a hundred times a second.


If running from everything you ever wanted, all you ever had, keeps you breathing … do you run or fight?


Sometimes dreams die.



Dying Paradigm takes place in a gritty future New York where the tech is flashy but the streets are still cold and harsh.  Up in the megascrapers, corporate executives dine on imported food and sip rare liquor; two blocks over, behind a Sector Wall, people are fighting over a rat’s carcass and choking down industrial grade alcohol.  Even the worst injuries can be repaired if you can drag yourself to a cyber slicer and come up with what it costs, but real tech looks like flesh and doesn’t flash silver.


Sunglasses are optional.  But you look cooler wearing them.


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