Final trailer for Daredevil Season Two

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Manage your calm true believers, we’re getting close to the second season of Daredevil.  Take a look at the full trailer, the first of the final bit of substance they’re giving us to tide our anticipation until 18 March.  Apparently we’ve got a second part of this trailer coming in ten days.  But that’s for then.  For now …

First, this looks even better than the first season.  Second, Jon Bernthal seems even more perfectly cast than most fans already thought.  And third, wow.

What about this is going to be so interesting?  Well, the primary reason is Punisher.  He’s probably one of the primary examples people think of when the term “anti-hero” comes up.  As he himself says to Daredevil in the trailer, “You’re one bad day from becoming me.”  Such a great line, incidentally.  The beauty of Punisher being brought into the universe these stories inhabit is how he is similar to, and also how he differs from, the ‘heroes’.

“You hit’em and they get back up.  I hit’em and they stay down.”  The classic ‘thing’ about heroes is they typically won’t kill.  There are all sorts of reason for this, and not all of them are because the genre was birthed in a pre 1950s era America marketed primarily at school-aged consumers.  Some of them are meta reasons; because if the hero constantly offs all the bad guys, there’s soon no one left for the hero to be pitted against in future stories.  Some of them are moral questions; because the heroes want to draw a line that differences them from the ‘bad guys’.  An awful lot of great hero stories deal in a huge variety of grey shades as a ‘right answer’ is searched for to solve whatever problems are in that particular story.

But then you have a character like Punisher, who has no grey.  He sees the world in a very stark black and white.  There’s good, and there’s bad.  Bad must die.  That’s where Punisher’s “search for truth” ends; he doesn’t ask any more questions.

Today, more than ever after, this is a relevant theme in these kinds of stories.  I’m definitely not interested in pulling the ripcord on any political talk, but one of the reasons I’ve always objected to the actions that occurred at Guantanamo was because we’re supposed to be the good guys.  That’s what our leaders and people like to tell everyone else; that we’re the good guys.  And then we were doing stuff there that … made it hard to say that with a straight face.  Punisher brings the same sort of questions into the mix.

If a hero stops a villain, and releases them because of ‘morality’, and the villain later kills someone … which was the worse crime?  Which would be the worse crime?  Killing the villain, or being responsible for allowing that person to be in a position to have killed someone else?  Or ten someone elses?  Or more?

They’re tough questions, hard to answer, and the debate will never end.  Each and every possible circumstance, every situation, has so much grey it’s just an echo chamber awash in tonality.  But based on the fantastic work put in by Drew Goddard, Doug Petrie, Marco Ramirez, and the rest of the team on season one … watching Daredevil dive into these issues against someone like Punisher should be fantastic for fans.

18 March.  What is that … a little over four weeks?  Can’t wait.  So much fun is going to be had!