Getting a grasp on our place in the universe

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A short film, six and a half minutes, that talks about and shows a scale model of our Solar System.

Things like this make me feel the same sense of wonder I did with I was a kid and learning about astronomy.  It also makes me mad, because we still can’t get funding to get serious about space.  But let’s ignore the politics, because politics.  The demonstration here is a great way to visually represent the rather massive distances involved.  And how small, how such a ridiculously tiny portion of just our one star system our planet is, to say nothing of how it measures up (astronomically microscopic) compared to the galaxy at large.  People like to think of Earth as large, as this huge expanse, and it’s just not.

We’re a tiny speck in the larger cosmos.  It’d be lovely if we’d start getting out there more.

Until then, enjoy the film.