I has a sad, Arsenal in 9th place after being lucky to escape with a draw

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Now, to be fair, Ramsey’s not-goal was onside.  I prefer football to handegg, but I’ll just never understand the English and international resistance to technology in the game.  It took until last year to get technology that checks whether or not the ball actually entered the goal, and we still don’t have instant replay.  There’s even an official on the sideline who does basically nothing except check substitutions in and act as an emergency backup if any of the other three need a replacement.  That guy could have a screen fed by the tv coverage.  There’d be no delay; they have the replays up for the tv audiences within three or so seconds.

But, that aside, it looks like Gunner fans may very well have to suffer through yet another screwed up first two-thirds of the season.  I really hope Arsene doesn’t wait until February to light that fire under his arse like he seems to always wait on.  Stop fumbling around and play some football.  Get the defense sorted.  Stop white-knighting French players over the best available man on the transfer market.  And be aggressive, not beautiful.

And I feel it’s fair to mark Cech down for at least two points, probably three; because without him this would’ve been a loss and (looks at table) Arsenal would be in the relegation zone if I’m reading things right.

Come on Gunners!  Get with it!