If it’s stupid, and it works, . . .

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. . . it’s not stupid.

One of my favorite sayings.  It comes up a hell of a lot more often than most people think it would, or even should.  Everyone’s always so quick to point at things, anything, and say “that’s stupid.”  I hate that.  Why don’t we judge things on data?  Why not play things out?

Behold, the most awesome ‘stupid’ thing I’ve seen in, I don’t know, weeks.  At least.  Possibly even months.  I’m not sure.

I mean, right?  Don’t those little cake hexes look great like that?  I bet a caterer could get some really easy brownie points from clients doing something like that when they go on-site to serve at a function.  I’ve seen decorator shows where the ‘professionals’ do stuff along those lines and charge big money for it.

Better, it turns out this guy’s got a whole page of stuff like this.  He’s one of those people that, in days past, makes the history books by inventing things.  These days we see them on Youtube and just think it’s cute or interesting; but a lot of the things on his page are the sorts of things that people have gotten rich off of inventing.  That have made things easier for a lot of other folks.

Let’s hear it for a guy willing to try things out even though they, perhaps at first glance, might seem ‘stupid.’