Michael Mann talking Heat

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This is a fascinating look into the behind-the-scenes of a classic film, a landmark movie in the crime genre.  Heat was advertised as the first time Pacino and DeNiro shared a scene, how these two anchor actors would portray characters going head to head.  But it is definitely an ensemble piece, with hardly a fill-in role anywhere to be seen.  And the story goes far deeper than the usual run-of-the-mill crime caper.  It’s truly a slice-of-life, for both the criminals and the cops opposing them.

The first few questions in this interview cover Mann’s new project, a year in the life (literally) of Enzo Ferrari.  However, it quickly shifts to Heat on the twentieth anniversary of the movie, and the answers are deep, thoughtful, and delve into a lot of subtleties that went into the crafting of the film.  These are not flippant “yeah, it was great wasn’t it?” or “we had a lot of fun doing it.” answers.  Mann takes a bit of time talking about the project, and it’s a great look into a fantastic movie.