Oh Arsenal . . . and two weeks to the return of zombies on AMC

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So I follow football.  Not handegg, but football.

One is a ball you manipulate with your foot; the other is an egg you hold with your hand.  This ain't rocket science folks.
One is a ball you manipulate with your foot; the other is an egg you hold with your hand. This ain’t rocket science folks.

Yes I’m American.  Not I’m not confused.  I like football.  I used to like handegg, but I got tired of the endless commercials and delays.  I mean, a few years ago, in a playoff game (or maybe it was the Super Bowl, I can’t remember), the network televising the handegg game sent runners down to each sideline to ask the head coaches to call a timeout if possible, because the network needed to run some commercials.  If one looks in certain places (*cough*torrents*cough*), files can be found that strip the commercials from a handegg game out and give you just the parts where the egg’s in play.

An ‘hour’ game, that takes 3 to 3.5 hours televised, runs for about 40-45 minutes like that.

Anyway, I follow football.  EPL started this weekend.  I’ve been ready all summer.  Arsenal’s big transfer market (that’s trade, for you handeggers) move was to pickup Petr Cech.  So, of course, they lost the game two zip.  I’m no expert football analyst, but at least one of the goals saw both central defenders basically just standing there watching it go past them.  And not a “we’re off guard and out of position” standing there either, but a kind of “weekend softball team stand there in center field drinking beer while the ball drops behind them for an in-the-park home run” kind of standing there.

I love Arsenal.  But . . . come on man.  Lost by two, like that?  Thirty-seven games to go.  No, not in a row.  But if they don’t get better than this . . . handegg’s going to start looking better.


you can almost hear the screams from the pier.
Even zombies like long shuffling shambles on the beach. Nice view though.

So we’re getting closer to it now.  It being Fear the Walking Dead, aka the Walking Dead spinoff series.

Let’s see, 23 Aug and it’s 9 Aug now.  That’s a little out of my usual basic math skills (if answer > # of fingers then goto UhOh), but I think that’s two weeks.  Sunday after next and we’ll have the first episode in hand, for everyone who’s into the gore to bemoan over the time ‘wasted’ on character development, and the “I Hate Zombies” crowd to bemoan over how they can’t stand yet another zombie show airing . . . and the rest of us can hopefully just plain enjoy.  Yay zombies!  Based on how the Walking Dead has really picked up over the past couple of seasons, I have faith Fear the Walking Dead will work out okay for zombie fans.

Let’s hope so anyway.

If it’s good, that’s six weeks of Fear, then eight weeks of Walking, since AMC has cleverly scheduled Walking to pick up the week after Fear ends its run.  Then we’ll have the holidays off, because apparently zombies can’t air during Thanksgiving and Christmas, or I guess Valentine’s Day either . . . and somewhere around March we’ll get the back half of the sixth season.

Apocalypse, here we come.