People forget, Gordon Ramsay is actually a great cook

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Case in point.  Oh my God, these look delicious.  He calls them Spicy Breakfast Potato Pancakes, but labeling them crepes probably wouldn’t be too wrong either.  Whatever you call them, they . . . I’m going to have to go shopping.

Probably the TV cook I miss almost as much as Alton Brown.  I really miss Good Eats; the last great cooking show on television.  But Youtube has a ton of actual cooking, and not cooking theater, so just roll with the punches!

Oh, and if you’ve never tried his technique for scrambled eggs, you need to.  They’re beyond amazing.

The TLDW is don’t salt the eggs before cooked, scramble them in the cooking pan over the heat (not before hand), and take them on and off the heat while stirring constantly (constantly, seriously).  He doesn’t go full Alton on explaining why, but the result is fantastic.  And we’re talking about scrambled eggs; so it’s not like it’ll take you more than about five minutes from start to finish.  Give it a whirl.