Power of the Dark Side … in snow

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The Japanese Army apparently took it upon themselves to, briefly, immortalize the Empire in snow.  The pictures are amazing.  This is not a simple little snow sculpture that someone knocked out in a few hours. What background details I could dig up indicate it was a Japanese SDF brigade that used bulldozers and other heavy machinery to create a 23 meters wide and 15 meters tall sculpture out of what they say is 3,500 tons of snow.  Converting the metric to American, that’s 75 feet wide, and nearly 50 feet tall.

So, epic level snow.  The craftsmanship came out quite amazingly.  Very cool  Have a look.

Also, keeping with the Dark Side theme, someone drew a pretty good Calvin and Hobbes / Kylo Ren mashup cartoon that places The Force Awakens’ villain as the irascible six-year-old from Watterson’s strip.  Worth a laugh if you ask me.