Tell me why.

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Someone asked the other day what the worst feedback I’ve ever received was.  I had two answers.

1) “I liked it.”

2) “I didn’t like it.”

Why are both bad? Because they lack why. Same reason I don’t like to try to talk movies (or shows or most of anything) with people. The extent of most peoples’ “comments” about shows and movies they’ll devote dozens of hours a week to watching rarely amount to more than that.

Why. Why is important. Why is the everything. Why did you not like it? Why those?  Why not the other parts? Why was it not good?

Why. Without why, it’s nothing more than “nice day today” or “wow looks like rain.” A meaningless platitude, a useless collection of empty words. Something that signals an inability or unwillingness to actually have something to say. Something that just fills space and time in the “conversation.”