The Martian

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The full trailer for The Martian is out.  Have a look.

Now, I know trailers aren’t movies; it’s an entirely different industry, group of people, and skillset that crafts trailers versus makes movies.  But the teaser and now trailer both look like they’ve managed to not screw the story up.  Putting aside the ‘told as journal entry’ device the book uses, the story is man versus environment.  The ending is one of the best I’ve read in years.  It’s a great tale.  I think anyone who reads is used to seeing Hollywood screw things up.  It’s probably related to the “I have to put my stamp on this” syndrome I’ve talked about before; Hollywood shows up, hundreds of people are involved in the project, and they all want to pee on it so it’s theirs.

Everything we’ve seen so far indicates that’s not happening with The Martian.  I mean, dare we hope?  Dare we hope they’ve managed to just take the story, the great story, of the book and simply film it?

It’s looking good so far.  Houston, we’re go.