This is more what proper reporting is supposed to look like

Trust NPR and Public Broadcasting to not have devolved into mouthpiece check cashers for business interests.

The trad side of publishing likes to pretend that the indie community is a tiny little nothing thing, and that ebooks are too.  They point to their industry numbers, which conveniently exclude any indie data.  The New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and other mouthpiece organizations obediently report the party line, just as the trads want.

Enter NPR, which — though the piece is only five and a half minutes long — covered both sides of the story.  And not in a brief mention thrown in after the fact; they sought out Data Guy and actually quoted him.  It’s a nicely balanced piece of journalism that’s extremely refreshing to see.

Now we just need to hear how the mouthpieces spin their rejection of NPR’s piece.