Tomorrow, we celebrate Pirates!

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My favorite holiday of the year is tomorrow.  Yes, tomorrow.

International Talk like a Pirate Day

I’ve heard it said, somewhere in the annals of time, that any excuse to celebrate is a good thing.  19 September, or September 19th if you’re one of those pesky Americans, is a great excuse.  Back in 1995, these guys decided to turn this lovely day in September into a day for pirates.  Things lay fallow as a local in-joke until Dave Berry got hold of it, and then people began joining the joke.  And it grows a little more every year.

And note the specifics of this holiday.  You’re not prevented from dressing up, from engaging in piratical activities; but the only requirement to celebrate is to talk like a pirate.  So roll your Rs and brush up a bit of brogue, for tomorrow be the day for scallywags and scoundrels.  And the world ever needs more fun.  Always.