Twitter during certain shows

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I’m pretty new to the whole social media thing.  I definitely qualify as a curmudgeon in this area; I’ve never felt or seen the need to share every little piece of what’s going on with me online.  So I’ve been basically ignoring Twitter, except as a word and a service that gets mentioned in the media sometimes, for pretty much always.  Same with everything else.  But this is about Twitter.

One thing authors get told as part of the stock marketing advice is not to spam “buy my shit” constantly on Twitter.  Another thing I take out of that is “don’t spam.”  In this case, spam defined as heavy amounts of comments in a short period of time.  When I activated Twitter, I started joining accounts for things that seemed interesting to me.  Things that I like, because how else will I learn?  One group of things I joined were several accounts connected to The Walking Dead; including Fear the Dead and Talking Dead and I don’t know what others.  Another group is some of the Marvel accounts, including Agents of SHIELD (sorry guys, not going to put all the periods in there; just deal).

As the new TV season gets going, I’ve learned that these accounts go into massive spam mode when the show is on.  And spam is the word; oh my God!  I didn’t time it, but over the hour that Fear the Walking Dead was on, it was at least fifty comments that came through, possibly another ten or twenty more.  Agents of SHIELD was no better; at least as many in that hour as well.  And they were all the kinds of things I have left movie theaters over and demanded a refund; shut up!  Don’t talk during the movie!  Here, it was stuff like “what did Maddie just learn?” and “what kind of badass stuff will Daisy do next?”

I’m not going to debate if it’s good or bad or whatever, because I don’t know.  But what I learned is to mute all those accounts at certain times.  And in the case of the AMC zombie stuff, I’ve more or less abandoned the accounts entirely; because they do what my author marketing stuff says not to.  Multiple times per day, they spam “watch it on Sunday” or “click over to our site for merchandise.”

First world problems, definitely.  And a new thing, new to me anyway.  Oh well, I turn the answer to life, the universe, and everything else in a little over a month.  42 should allow me at least a few “get off my lawn” moments.  Or, in this case, get off my Twitter.