Warner/Chappell won’t let it go

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Everything about this is why people hate lawyers.

Happy Birthday was ruled out of copyright.  The company is throwing the book at the judge, page by page in a huge blizzard, hoping something will stick.  Or, at least, that they’ll get a different judge who they can influence more favorably.

Let it die.  This is 2015, the song supposedly was registered in 1935.  Math, math, screw it calculator, ah; 80 years.  Cut through all the lawyer crap, and what they’re arguing is 80 years wasn’t a fair term for them to have profited off the creation off the song.

80 is more than enough.  By far.

But, and here’s where the lawyer hate comes in, it’s taken years to get to the ruling Warner/Chappell hates.  And it’s going to likely take years more to get to another one, which we all know they’ll just appeal again.  Because God forbid shit get decided in a timely fashion, and without having to spend millions of dollars in court and attorney’s fees.