Warning, not original

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Trust the Onion to have something good to say.

The next step in funny will be if we can start catching producers and PR flacks admitting in interviews things like “now even though this is an original story” or “we know audiences haven’t seen this before but-“.  Because, some of the best comedy writes itself.

I love a great adaptation as much as the next guy.  Key emphasis on ‘great’.  Most adaptations are lame.  They take a few elements, the names, and twist everything else until it’s not recognizable.  A great example are the Tom Clancy movies.  Hunt for Red October actually was a really great adaptation; a few things were changed because of different mediums, but the story is intact and recognizable.  But the other films made from Clancy stories . . . horrible.  Change piled upon change, bad ones too.  The worst was Sum of all Fears, a movie that shared nothing but the characters’ names with the book.

If more adaptations would be like The Martian, there wouldn’t be such comedy in the lack of originality coming out of Hollywood.  Folks wouldn’t mind as much that so many flicks weren’t written straight to the screen if more of them were actually good — honorable — translations.

But the horribleness continues.  And we’re left with Onion articles to make up the slack.

Rated O for Oh-My-God.