Why do heroes fight a civil war?

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Marvel just dropped an absolutely fantastic trailer for Captain America: Civil War.  It’s ostensibly for the UK market, but it’s also on Youtube which means there’s little chance it isn’t going to be broadly seen by fans and would-be theater-goers around the world.

Why would heroes fight?  Not fight bad guys; why would they fight one another?  Not all wars in history were because one or the other side was evil or greedy or demanded unreasonable concessions.  Sometimes, active conflict is the only way left to resolve differences.  Marvel is taking the MCU to the next logical step by looking at the impact of prior events in the films that preceded the third Cap film.  When cities and countries around the world have suffered as the battlefields of heroes trying to stop evil, the question inevitably arises “who do the heroes answer to?”

This is a complex question, and even though the movie’s been confirmed by Marvel to clock in at just a few minutes shy of two and a half hours, they’re not going to have time to delve into all the subtleties and nuances that exist within it.  But Marvel has demonstrated throughout the entire MCU that they can tell layered stories with good depth in what would otherwise seem to be ‘just’ superficial superhero stories.  The more we learn and see about Captain America: Civil War, the better and better it looks like it’s going to be.

Believe it true believers.  This one’s going to rock the MCU for good.

Plus we finally get our first glimpse of the MCU Spider-man!