Why do we love the superhero genre?

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Here’s why:


For the last two to three years, when one goes online, you see folks sometimes bitching about “so tired of superheroes”.  Missing the point.  We love superheroes because they make for great storytelling.  If you think superheroes are all about capes and flying and saving the day, you’ve not only missed the point; you didn’t even noticed the aftereffects of its passage.

Jessica Jones has all the hallmarks of an extremely complex story.  From what we know about it, I challenge people to tell me how it could be told without the ‘wow’ factor and reality-bending of involving superheroes in the mix.  A guy, who can make people do whatever he wants.  Not through threats, or coercion; but through his will.  Against theirs.  Just because he likes it.  Take one of those ‘tired and boring superheroes’ and have him play in her mind.  She can punch through walls and throw cars and survive the kind of damage that would put a Terminator in the shop, but can she handle the enemy inside her pulling her strings?  Can she deal with the trauma of mental stress and emotional anguish?

Superheroes make for great fucking storytelling.  This isn’t the ‘Golden age’ of comics, when saving the day was the only story in town.  Marvel became Marvel because their heroes are just like you and me.  Except that in addition to figuring out rent and life and relationships and everything else, sometimes they have to save the day.

Storytellers of the world unite! Excelsior!