Zombie roundup

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First up is this:

It looks like they’ve put an emphasis on gore, with a secondary on comedy.  Overtones of Zombieland, but without any known actors, I guess.  The trailer doesn’t look horrible, but when anytime I see that much gore in a trailer it makes me worry they’ve spent so much effort on indulging the effects/makeup crew they might have neglected to bring any real story to go along with the Karo syrup and food coloring.  Still, I guess we’ll see.


Next we’ve got this:

A zombie game, never enough of those in my opinion.  Actually, never enough of zombie in general.  So much fun to be had with zombies.

Anyway, this is an expansion or DLC for the existing ZAT, that brings the Left4Dead characters into the mix.  Not sure how that really benefits us, since that strikes me as nothing more than updated art, but I supposed we’ll all see.  One further point is L4D is a kill-kill-kill style game that focuses on gunning down hu- . . . er, undead waves of targets, while ZAT is a tactical shooter that invariably leans toward a more methodical style of play.

Actually, I’ve been busy a lot for a while, and ZAT’s sorta passed me by.  Think I’ll have to investigate further.

Finally, AMC has teased the first three minutes of Fear the Walking Dead.

Pretty sure this is, based on what we ‘know’ about how this first season’s going to go, what Dan Wells calls “the ice monster” opening.  To give the TLDR, you open with something juicy before the story rewinds time and gets going with the setup.  So this scene is likely something several days (at least) into the outbreak.  Basically, a promise to the gore and people-getting-eating fans that there will be all of that; but first let us setup characters and location and kick things into gear.

My only true fear for this show is that they’ll either spend all six episodes on teen/family drama (which will piss off the gore fans, because any screen minute not spent covered in Karo is a wasted one as far as they’re concerned) or jump into the zombie chewing too quickly, thus completely tossing what I’m hoping is the premise of this show.  Namely, that I want FtWD to get into the nitty-gritty of the transition from normal to zombie.  Let’s not compress it, let’s not keep it off screen or have everyone go to sleep and wake up to zombies; let’s stay with our viewpoint characters as they watch the world begin (and continue) to crumble around them one bite at a time.

That said, still looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead.

Anyway, as usual these days, lots of fun to be had if you’re a zombie fan.  Until next time, eat more brains!

(apologies to Wil Wheaton)