Zombies at Disneyland

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I would love to see a full fledged zombie story at Disneyland.  I would settle for Disney World, but the original is the favorite here for me.  However, Disney protects their brands zealously.  I put the odds of seeing any sort of apocalypse scenario occurring at the iconic theme park up there with a meteorite taking out your mother-in-law’s skull before landing in your tea glass; that is, to say, zill.

So when I came across this absolutely beautiful piece of work, it brought a smile to my face.

Left 4 Dead is a fast-zombie first-person-shooter that’s been laying fallow for something like five (more, I think) years now.  But all that time has given a lot of motivated people a lot of time to pour into mods and map making.  This map is truly a labor of love.  While I’m no Disney scholar, I had the pleasure of spending three during the 60th anniversary wandering happily around the park last year.  This map might not be a scale replica that’s note-for-note accurate, but it’s got a lot of detail to enjoy.  Actually, I say “map” but it’s really maps; the creator put together a whole campaign that starts in Main Street and moves around to a goodly portion of the lands.  The Main Street Cinema shows the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, seriously.  The Tiki Bird Hut has the birds and they sing the song.  The entrance to (but, sadly,  not the full ride) of the Haunted Mansion is lovingly rendered with the stretchy paintings and sculpture busts, and the deep voiced ominous narrator warning you to turn back.

There is a large amount of attention to detail in this map pack.  And, if you don’t want to play through it, you can just enjoy the videos.  The first is the trailer that announced the map’s launch.  It’s a quick overview.  The second is a player going through the entire L4D Disneyland campaign, and more or less hitting every bit of awesomeness the creator put in.  The playthrough is a bit long, but you can skip a bit here and there if you insist, or throw it up on a second screen while you surf some.  Either way, enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s day!